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Plexus Ambassador Directory

The Plexus Directory is a list of Plexus Ambassadors listed by city and state. These are representatives of Plexus Worldwide and work from home. Visit the Plexus Directory at Plexus Slim Directory.

Need to lose weight? This is the site to visit. Find someone close to you and give Plexus a try. Plexus Slim is “The Pink Drink” for weight loss. The company offers a 60 day money back guarantee on their products so you have nothing to lose.

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Join Plexus

Join Plexus in a website that Ruth Hart from Mandeville Louisiana has built for her Plexus Worldwide business. Ruth has a growing team of Plexus Ambassadors in the cities of Mandeville, Covington, Hammond and Slidell area often called the North Shore. This area has a lot of people that at one time lived in the New Orleans area until the hurricanes made them move. I am one of those people except I moved a little west of there to Albany Louisiana. The Mandeville, Madisonville and Covington area has been having steady growth over the past 20 years. The past 3 years has been a big boom with massive open shopping centers going in along the Interstate 12 at the Madisonville/Covington exits.

Mandeville, Louisiana.

Mandeville, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mandeville lakefront is a beautiful place with a park the runs along the lake for about 2 miles. It has a walking trail and swings, benches and a pavilion for special occasions. Great place to take your family for an outing or if you like boating there is a couple of boat launches. This area was damaged and flooded from past hurricanes and many of the houses have been raised up and rebuilt. Old time looking shops and restaurants have opened in the area that was once damaged by the hurricanes.

About 4 blocks from the lakefront is the area they call the Trailhead. This is where a lot of local events and happenings take place. There is a large covered area with an amphitheater, restrooms and the main trail that travels from Mandeville to Abita Springs about 20 miles away. Every Saturday there is a Craft/Farmers Market with a lot of the local people setting up tables displaying and selling things that they have made and grown. This marketplace has grown over the years to be the in place to go on Saturday mornings. Open from 8am to 1pm you can come and find all sorts of things of interest. We purchased a swinging bench from the marketplace that we have hanging on our front porch. Come out and sample some of the locally made foods and pastries and maybe find some you like enough to purchase. Some people come to the marketplace every weekend to get fresh made sausage and pastries. This is a pet friendly marketplace and fun for the whole family. Ruth has written an article about the Farmers Market and talks about her business that she runs from there. this originally started as a farmers market but it now attracts way more vendors from all lines of businesses. This is a diverse marketplace that lets many people with home businesses display their products. If it is homemade or vendor made it can be sold. if it is commercial in nature it is mainly for display only. This is a great place for business people to advertise their business and pass out information to get them orders and customers.

Mandeville, Louisiana.

Mandeville, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stop by and see Ruth and taste some Plexus Slim. Get some info about the product. Plexus Worldwide is a network marketing company so if you like what you see and if you are losing weight on the products you may consider a Plexus home business. Ruth is looking for some people to join her in the business. She will also let you set up at the marketplace on some Saturdays in place of her setting up there. She will help you get your business going plus her upline will work with you to help you succeed at this business. Visit her website at the link below to get more information. Better yet visit her at the marketplace this Saturday morning and get signed up. This business can be started on a shoestring budget.

Ruth lives in Mandeville and works at a hospital in Mandeville. Visit her website at and learn more about her and how she does her Plexus Slim Worldwide business. Below is a picture of her giving away sample of Plexus Slim at the Mandeville Farmers Market Trailhead event that takes place every Saturday from 8am to 1pm. Stop by and meet Ruth and see if a Plexus Worldwide business is right for you.

Ruth Hart with Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim at the Mandeville Trailhead