Working From Home 

Lost your job because of the past economy? Things have never really recovered for you? Because of this many people have turned to to working from home or starting a home business to supplement their main income. The dollar just does not go as far as it had once done in the past. Having an extra income of $200 to $1,000 a month coming in can make a big difference in a persons life and that of their family. 

If you could work a couple of hours a week to learn how to build a home business would it be worth your time? If you spend the time to learn a business it can pay off. Many home businesses you can start for less than $100 and on going monthly auto ships can be about that same amount. The lowest priced company I know of is a little jerky company that has been growing as of late. It is $15 to get started and $15 a month to stay active. The company is called Jerky Direct. With Jerky Direct you get a free company replicated web site that most companies charge about $20 a month, it’s free with this jerky company.